Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v114 on Tuesday evening, November 6th. Versions 112-113 were released previously. Changes include:  

  1. Heads up on Billed Hours available to technicians
  2. Added metrics to RO and Service Financials
  3. Customer History can be exported

#1 - Heads up on Billed Hours available to technicians

Technicians can now reference Billed Hours on a service by service basis.

On staff permissions, you now have an option to expose Billed Hours to technicians without revealing pricing. Technicians with permission to view pricing will now see Billed Hours as well. Refer to the new selection under "Financial Data" on the staff permissions page:
Billed Hours appear on each service title line, adjacent to service price (or in place of service price) depending on whether the technician has permission to view pricing:

Staff that are not technicians will not see billed hour totals on the service title line but may reference in the View Financials modal  (described below).

This feature is par with traditional technician worksheets.  We look forward to exceeding this feature in the digital work order, to give technicians dynamic reference to their actual time against billed hour time in a future release.  Stay tuned for additional benefits above and beyond the familiar paper-based workflow! 

#2 - Added metrics to RO and Service Financials

Several new metrics have been added to the RO and Service View Financials modals.

On the Service level, staff with permission to view financial performance (and access the "View Financials" modals) will see Total Billed Hours for each service, as well as Labor, Parts, and Sublet subtotal sales, cost, and GP percentage:


On the Repair Order level, staff with permission to view financial performance will see Billed Hours, Labor, Parts and Sublet subtotals (same as service level, but rolled up for the entire RO) as well as "All Non-Labor":


"All Non-Labor" is the subtotal of Parts + Sublet PLUS Haz/Fees + Shop Supplies (for the entire RO).

The RO level Financials also now include: Recommendations Total, Sell Through Percentage, Opportunity Total, and Close Ratio:


Sell Through Percentage is the ratio of Sell Through dollars (up-sell from the estimate) versus Recommendations Total dollars (available up-sell).

Opportunity Total is the subtotal of Estimate and Recommendations (total dollars presented to customer).

Close Ratio is the percentage of Opportunity dollars (presented to customer) reflected in Grand Total dollars (actually sold).


The Recommendations Total does not include Past Recommendations Approved in Estimate or Postponed. Past Recs approved in the Estimate are already included in the Estimate total. Past Recs that are postponed are not presented to the customer. This is NOT the same number shown as "Grand Total + Approvals" directly on the RO, that includes existing services on the repair order, as well as shop supplies and tax. This is meant a sales opportunity reference, not as a quote to the customer.

Many of these metrics are of particular interest for participants in ShopFix Academy. Contact Support@Shop-Ware.com for our Quick Guide to mapping these data points into the ShopFix sales tracker.

#3 - Customer History can be exported

Version 111 added a "Balance Due" filter to the Customer Profile Invoices table. This release allows staff to export the entire invoice list or just those invoices with balance due, depending on whether the filter is applied.

When you view the Customer Profile page, you'll see a new "Export" button the Invoice table:

This button will export whatever list of invoice is showing, across as many pages in the table. If the "Balance Due" filter is checked, the table only shows invoices with a balance due, and the export will only include invoices with a balance due, to provide a customer statement.

If the Balance Due filter is not checked, clicking "Export" will download the entire customer service history.

This concludes Release Notes for Version 112-114.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com