Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v111 on Tuesday evening, October 16th. Changes include:  

  1. New Accounting configuration! Sync upon Pickup
  2. Invoice can be marked Picked Up when paid
  3. Customer History can be filtered by A/R

#1 - New Accounting configuration! Sync upon Pickup

Shop-Ware's workflow has the advantage of allowing shops to track job completion separately from customer payments. This allows you to see and report on your shop's production independent of customers' behavior: when they may decide to come down and pick up their car.

Until now, Shop-Ware's accounting integrations have always synced Invoices when they were first created (jobs closed). This can create confusion for shops that don't wish to see or track Accounts Receivable for cars that are still in the shop.

Version 111 adds that ability to configure when you want Invoices to appear in your accounting software. On the Accounting Page for Shop Settings, you will now see an option to have Invoices sent upon close, or upon Job pickup:


Payments will still sync when they are taken, including pre-payments or down payments (before the Estimate is started or the Work Order is closed, respectively).

Jobs that are not yet picked up (and the Invoice is not fully paid) will still appear as usual at the top of the Accounts Receivable page, to tell you how much money is sitting on the lot so you can follow up with those customers and keep the cars moving.

#2 - Invoice can be marked Picked Up when paid

In response to this new configuration, and for greater convenience, we've added a default selection to mark a job picked up in the Payments box:


This checkbox will only appear when the RO is an Invoice and the Invoice is not fully paid. If a customer provides a payment in advance (like over the phone) but the car is still on the lot, you may deselect the checkbox to keep the RO on the Closed Jobs page.

This will also help folks from having to remember to mark a job Picked Up after taking a payment, keeping cars that are actually long gone from piling up on the Closed Jobs page.

#3 - Customer History can be filtered by A/R

Building on the A/R improvements from v110, we've added a "Balance Due" filter on the Customer Profile page.

When you check the box, any Invoices that have amounts outstanding will appear below (and ones full paid will hide):


STILL TO COME: We will add the ability to export a Customer's entire service history in our next release, as well as a filtered list per the Balance Due, in order to easily prepare a statement of customer specific A/R. The ability to apply a payment across multiple Invoices towards a customer account will follow thereafter.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and helping to make Shop-Ware better!

This concludes Release Notes for Version 111.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com