Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v110 on Tuesday evening, October 9th. Versions 108-109 were released previously. Changes include:  
  1. Accounts Receivable - two new features
  2. Haz/Fees can be exported
  3. Tech assigned from calendar view
  4. Bug fixes and improvements

#1 - Accounts Receivable - two new features

Version 110 includes two valuable features to help manage your Accounts Receivable. The first the ability to export the entire Accounts Receivable page to a CSV, to slice and dice with the same flexibility as other Shop-Ware data exports. 

Fields include:
  • RO number
  • Closed date
  • Picked Up date
  • URL link to the RO
  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Last Name
  • Advisor
  • Total
  • Amount Due
Go to the A/R page and find the usual "Exports" button in the upper RH corner to generate.


NOTE: You may also use this report to reconcile against your accounting software, launching paid ROs and applying payments to each as needed. We will add the ability to apply payments across multiple repair orders in a forthcoming release.

We've also added Accounts Receivable information to the Customer Profile page. When you view a customer's Invoices list, you'll see a new Total Due amount to reference what is outstanding on closed jobs. If the customer has no amount outstanding, the amount will be $0.00. If the customer has a credit, it will show "Total Credit" with the dollar amount.


This information is only on invoices, not in progress jobs or estimates, and it spans all invoices on the customer account, not just the ones shown on the page (in case there is a long list). This feature is designed to allow you to know what is outstanding for an entire customer account, not just particular cars or individual ROs.

There is more coming for Accounts Receivable on the customer profile page in the next release, Version 111. We hear your needs and look forward to meeting them! 

#2 - Haz/Fees can be exported

Also in high demand we've added the ability to export and review itemized hazmat and fees charges. This export behaves the same as others; find it on the Invoices page for whatever date range you seek. This feature allows you to quickly sort whatever fee is applicable to your state, region, county, or city, for reporting and audits, for whatever reporting period.

Fields include:
  • RO number
  • Closed date
  • URL link to the RO
  • Advisor
  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Total

Additional fields give you the flexibility to review, report and sort by other potential methods: year, make, model or advisor, whatever your inquiry or context.

#3 - Tech assigned from calendar view

Calendar intelligence has been improved to update technician assignments on estimates if they are dragged across the Schedule. If an appointment is assigned to an estimate, and NO OTHER APPOINTMENTS exist in connection with that estimate, when you drag the appointment to another column, it will automatically update the technician assigned.

Note that this will only occur on ESTIMATES, to not affect which techs are potentially assigned to receive billed hour credits on work orders. And it will only occur if the estimate has only one appointment (the ratio of appointment to estimate is 1 to 1). In cases there are multiple appointments, Shop-Ware has no way to know what is desired for RO level tech assignment.

NOTE: changing the technician from the Estimate does not currently update appointments in the same way, even if they are 1 to 1. We will improve this in a subsequent release.

#4 - Bug fixes

Our development team is committed to maintaining application health and reliability. The following user affecting improvements are included in versions 108-110:
  • Transfer events don't interrupt other actions, including share compositions
  • No Show tab ordered by Due In time
  • Productivity table shows open hours in context of date range
  • Part location can be set during new part creation

Thank you for your valuable feedback and helping to make Shop-Ware better!

This concludes Release Notes for Versions 108-110.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com