Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v118 on Tuesday evening, December 4th. Versions 115-117 were released previously. Changes include:  
  1. Accounts Payable available in Accounting Link
  2. Invoice number required to receive parts
  3. Purchase Order (PO) number can be edited
  4. Parts Search improvements
  5. Services can be assigned a Category

#1 - Accounts Payable available in Accounting Link

Accounts Payable (A/P) details are now available to sync with accounting software through The Back Office's Accounting Link.

When you receive a purchase order, thereby creating a Purchase Record, the Purchase Record details will send to Accounting Link, including Vendor name, Date, Invoice Number, and Amount.
When you save sublet details on an individual Repair Order, and those details include BOTH an Invoice Number and Date, the Sublet information will send to Accounting Link, including Provider Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, and Sublet cost price.
This information will not start populating in your Accounting Link service unless you configure it to do so, with the help from staff at The Back Office.  Contact their support line 1-866-964-9699 or visit their website www.tbohelp.com

Accounts Payable sync is not available through Shop-Ware's direct integration with Quickbooks Online.  The Back Office's Accounting Link service does integrate with Quickbooks Online as well; if you wish to add A/P to your Quickbooks Online, contact The Back Office for more details.

#2 - Invoice number required to receive parts

To support Accounts Payable (above), users must now enter an Invoice number in order to receive parts. (This was also a popular request from users busy at the parts counter who often forgot to enter the value.)
If you don't have an Invoice number (or you're not reconciling A/P by individual invoice), you are free enter whatever placeholder value you wish ("none", e.g.); Shop-Ware does not enforce invoice uniqueness for parts vendors.

#3 - Purchase Order (PO) number can be edited

On the topic of parts vendor purchases, this release adds the ability to update your Purchase Order number, when parts orders remain outstanding. This facilitates general edits as well as notes, if you want to keep track of PO status, returns status, etc.

Simply open an active Purchase Order, edit the PO number field, and click "Update".

#4 - Parts Search improvements

Shop-Ware's parts search behavior has been improved to support part numbers of varying formats. Previous to this release, for example, if you searched for a part with spaces (such as "11 42 7 512 300") you would get results for both 11 42 7 512 300 and 11427512300. However if you searched for "11427512300" you would only get a result for 11427512300.

Search logic has been improved now to support parts with spaces as well as dashes, periods, and any special character. Shop-Ware already supports flexibility for capital and lower case submissions but will remain specific on so-called "camel case" terms with both upper and lower case throughout the search word.

Search is complex; it works when you don't even notice its there. These improvements should solve in some of the common cases with different parts formats between vendors. If you have any additional questions or concerns when searching for parts, let us know.

#5 - Services can be assigned a Category

Service categories are officially out of beta! If you view your Account Settings, you will now see a "Categories" tab and default values for "Diagnosis", "Maintenance", and "Repair":
You may edit these categories or create new ones.

You will find the selection of a category in the View Financials modal for individual services, on the RO:

Categories are included in the Service Details export on the Reports page, for all Invoices in your selected date range. 

-----> NOTE: This feature is also useful to label and track services performed under Warranty.