Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v099 on Tuesday evening, August 7th. Version 098 was released previously. Changes include:  
  1. License Plate decoding now available through CARFAX

#1 - License Plate decoding now available through CARFAX

Shop-Ware now supports myCARFAX Service Shop! Participating shops will have the ability to decode license plates and have their service history sent to CARFAX. (Stay tuned for future enhancements including service history.)

To enroll in myCARFAX, you will now see a corresponding activation area on the Shop Info page of Shop Settings:
Click “Activate” and enter your shop’s contact information. NOTE that this is the same information that will appear on CARFAX Vehicle History reports.

Once activated, Shop-Ware sends your information to CARFAX for enrollment. It takes CARFAX roughly 10 minutes to activate your account and accept License Plate decode requests, so please be patient.

When your shop has activated CARFAX, you will see plate-related entry UI in the Vehicle Info area on Estimates.  
Enter a plate and Shop-Ware will query for a VIN via CARFAX. A successful plate decode will return a VIN and vehicle details in CARFAX’s format for your review. If the vehicle is correct, click the decode icon next to the VIN to decode to the standard format (for use with MOTOR and Shop-Ware’s intelligent canned jobs).

When the vehicle is subsequently decoded into Shop-Ware’s standard format, the custom vehicle created from CARFAX will be automatically replaced with the decoded vehicle. There will be no duplicate vehicle on the customer account.

On the off chance that the vehicle returned from CARFAX is wrong, you edit it as a custom vehicle (including the VIN) and decode as usual. Click the vehicle icon and then “Edit Vehicle”.

Note that the plate entry field does not currently accept spaces. This will be optimized (as well as for VIN entries) in a near term release. We will also streamline the vehicle accuracy workflow so you don’t have to remember to click to decode the VIN returned from CARFAX.

Shop’s participating in myCARFAX will automatically have their vehicle service histories sent to CARFAX. If you have a customer that does not want to participate, simply uncheck their “Marketing OK” box on their customer profile and they will be opted out.


This concludes Release Notes for Version 098-099.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com