Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v097 on Tuesday evening, July 24th. Versions 095 and 096 were released previously. Changes include:  
  1. Data exports support unlimited file size
  2. Data exports have normalized naming conventions
  3. Improved Vehicle Entry UI
  4. Integrator improvements and bug fixes

#1 - Data exports support unlimited file size

The process for data exports has been improved to deliver files of any size. Called “backgrounding”, files are newly prepared and downloaded independent of browser capacity. When you request to export a data file, you will see an alert confirming the initial request followed by status of the file preparation (by percentage). When the file is finished and downloaded, the application will follow up with a confirmation alert in the browser window (from whatever page it was requested).


This improvement applies to files generated from any page, including the Invoices, Customers, and Technician Report pages.

#2 - Data exports have normalized naming conventions

We took this opportunity to improve the names of the CSV files with a standard format including source data and date of generation.


#3 - Improved Vehicle Entry UI

The vehicle entry area on Estimates has changed slightly: fields are reordered and resized, and alerts now include VIN decode failure hints: too short, too long, or unrecognized by decoding services. Failure alerts also host a shortcut to entering a vehicle manually, so you don’t have to remember how to do that (in the case it’s not a standard light or medium duty on-road vehicle from 1984-present).


You may also enter the VIN of any existing vehicle on the customer’s account (decoded or custom) and it will automatically add it to the RO. (Previously it had to be selected from the drop down, which was painful for customer profiles with many vehicles, like fleets, body shops, and other sublets).

These changes make way for Plate-to-VIN decoding in the same interface. Stay tuned for CARFAX “QuickVIN” coming soon!

#4 - Integrator improvements and bug fixes

Our development team is committed to maintaining application health and reliability. The following user affecting improvements are included in versions 095-097:
  • Accounting Link integration improvements for Invoices syncing to Quickbooks et al.
  • QuickBooks Online improvements syncing customer profiles and very long RO numbers
  • Expanded existing vehicle list on RO dropdown menu and Customer Profile page
  • RO page no longer anchors to top (or obscures LH side of page) when clicking into the notes feed
Thank you for your valuable feedback and helping to make Shop-Ware better!