Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v094 on Tuesday evening, July 3rd. Changes include:  
  1. Staff see Grand Total plus Approvals
  2. Parts Permissions
  3. Improved sort order on Purchase Records page
  4. Customer details included in Accounting API

#1 - Staff see Grand Total plus Approvals

As promised, this release rounds our improvements to recommendations, hosting a staff-facing "Grand Total plus Approvals" calculation. This value mirrors the "Approved Grand Total" that the customer sees on their side (per our last release).

It allows you to also batch approvals together with the current grand total to anticipate the fully loaded price (including discounts, shop supplies, and sales tax) when quoting over the phone.

Simply toggle the recommendations in question to "Approved" (by whatever method) to load the calculation:


The value will likewise respond dynamically as you reset recommendations back to pending. When you promote an approved recommendation onto the repair order, the calculator understands and will not double count it.

A few notes:

------> The "Grand Total plus Approvals" area does not appear when the RO is an estimate or an invoice. Approvals on estimates go directly to the grand total. Approvals are disabled on Invoices and no longer relevant.

------>  The "Grand Total plus Approvals" area cannot calculate when the RO has "Quick Recs".  Shop-Ware can't tell whether a quick rec has (or has not) been converted to a service and risks double counting. It also has no way of calculating shop supplies or sales tax.  If you want to see the total, remove any quick recs.

When Quick Recs are present (and spoil the ability to calculate a value), you will see the hint "w/ Quick Recs" where the calculation normally appears:

------> This feature finally allows you to quote an "out the door" price over the phone without adding services directly to the Repair Order. When services are added to the RO, they affect inventory counts, and will duplicate when converted back to recommendations. That workflow should be reserved for the rare occasion that a customer changes their mind, after an approved service has already been promoted to the work order. 

#2 - Parts Permissions

The staff permission page now includes configurations for parts editability:


This controls whether staff can launch the part edit modal on the repair order and the inventory page, affecting parts cost (and therefore gross profit reporting) and overriding inventory quantities.

#3 - Improved sort order on Purchase Records page

We fixed the issue with parts purchase records appearing in unreliable order, on the first and additional search result pages. You can now browse and copy your vendor purchase history within a date range, sorting from most to least recent invoices.


#4 - Customer details included in Accounting API

We also restored customer details sent to Accounting Link (and onward to Quickbooks) including customer first and last name and contact details.