Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v093 on Tuesday evening, June 26th. Version 092 was released previously. Changes include:  
  1. Customers see an Approved Grand Total
  2. Vehicles on customer profile page
  3. Deleted Services appear in Job Log
  4. Bug fixes
#1 - Customers see an Approved Grand Total

You asked for it, Shop-Ware delivers! Now when you share the Work Order with the customer, they will see an "Approved Grand Total" that includes current services plus approved recommendations, including discounts, shop supplies, and sales tax:


This value will update automatically as customers approve recommendations. When staff promote an approved recommendation onto the repair order, the calculator understands and will not double count it.

A couple notes:

#1 - the "Approved Grand Total" area does not appear when the RO is an estimate or an invoice. We will improve the UX on the estimate to better serve approvals in this context, but for now the normal workflow is preserved. Approvals are disabled on Invoices and no longer relevant.

#2 - the "Approved Grand Total" area does not appear when the RO has "Quick Recs". Shop-Ware can't tell whether a quick rec has (or has not) been converted to a service and risks double counting. It also has no way of calculating shop supplies or sales tax.  If you want the customer to see the total, remove any quick recs.

We will add this same "fully loaded" calculation on the staff view in our next release. Stay tuned!

#2 - Vehicles on customer profile page

Shops with large fleet accounts or heavy sublet/consignment work have seen a performance hit on the customer profile page, attempting to load hundreds (if not thousands) of vehicles.

This release improves how vehicles are displayed on the customer profile page to support an unlimited number of vehicles and their records. Customer profiles with more than 10 vehicles on the account will now display a paginated table.  Vehicles appear in order they were added to Shop-Ware, with most recently seen appearing first.


Stay tuned for additional improvements on the customer profile page and vehicle entry directly on the RO.

#3 - Deleted Services appear in Job Log

We filled the job log coverage gap over deleted services. Now when a staff member deletes a service, the job log will record it along with the name of the service that was removed.


#4 - Bug fixes

Our development team is committed to maintaining application health and reliability. The following user facing improvements are included in this release:
  • Parts ordered from eComm sessions properly allocate to the ROs from which they were ordered, even if the same part is needed on another RO
  • Services are now reliably converting to recommendations.  There was an issue with mapping to other staff members unpublished notes, hiding the services from view.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and helping to make Shop-Ware better!