Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v121 on Friday evening, January 4th. Changes include:  


  1. New Multishop Permissions
  2. Users can switch shops from the nav bar


#1 - New Multishop Permissions

Version 121 refactors navigation permissions for Multishop accounts. On a staff member's permissions page, you will now see an option to grant access to "Assigned shop only" or "All shops":



This makes way for staff without access to settings ("All branches except Settings") to still switch between shops ("All shops").  If you do not want the user to switch between shops, leave the access permission to "Assigned shop only".


Users with navigation permission "'My Jobs' page only" may not have access to All shops; the access permission is locked to "Assigned shop only".


#2 - Users can switch shops from the nav bar

All Multishop users with navigation access "All shops" will now have the option to switch shops directly from the nav bar.

From the user menu, staff with permission will see an option for "Switch Shops". Mousing over will pop out a second menu showing the current shop and the ability to select a different one.



Users with access across "All shops" may reference their current shop via a tooltip from their user icon, as usual:



This concludes Release Notes for Version 121.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com