Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v123 on Thursday evening, January 31st. Changes include:  


  1. Odometer Out field added
  2. Service disruptions can be communicated in app


#1 - Odometer Out field added

Version 123 adds Odometer Out following our redesignation of Odometer as Odometer In (previous release).  You will see the new field on the webpage for work orders and invoices (it is not relevant and therefore does not appear on estimates):  



On the printable repair order PDF: 



And any entries or edits recorded in the job log: 





#2 - Service disruptions can be communicated in app

Shop-Ware hosts application status and statistics 24/7 at: https://status.shop-ware.com/


On the rare occasion that we have a minor, major, or critical outage, we will now escalate that message to all users in the application, at the top of your screen:





This concludes Release Notes for Version 123.  Stay tuned for more!!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com