Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v127 on Thursday evening, February 28th. Changes include:  


  1. Workflow page supports Drag and Drop


#1 - Workflow page supports Drag and Drop

Users with access to the workflow page can now reorder jobs held by another staff member, or transfer any job to any technician or advisor.

Changes made to the workflow page update user’s My Jobs page in realtime.   

For instance, reordering the tiles that a technician holds currently (“My Current Jobs”) will update the order of those tiles on their My Jobs page. 

The changes will also reflect on any other staff member’s view of the Workflow page, in realtime. 

Transferring a tile from one coworker (including yourself) to another will initiate an expeditor handoff (and the tile border will turn orange).  The tile will no longer appear on the original staff member’s My Jobs page. 

It will appear in the “Incoming Jobs” of the destination staff member’s “My Jobs” page, and the “Outgoing Jobs” on your page.  Details of the transfer are recorded in the RO’s Job Log as usual. 

You can also pull the tile in transfer into whatever order in the stack and it will assume that position (again in realtime) once the job is accepted.  




Duplicate tiles (when a technician is clocked into a job they don’t currently hold) that appear at the top of a tech’s column with a double border cannot be moved. 

Tiles cannot be moved around on any user’s My Jobs page, only the Workflow page. 

Right now the Workflow page will anchor to the far left of the page; shops with a lot of staff that span to the right will notice their view keeps changing when they release a tile.  We will improve this behavior in a forthcoming release.   


We will also be monitoring page performance and looking for optimizations along with whatever feedback comes back from you!

This concludes Release Notes for Version 127.  Stay tuned for more!!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com