Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v130 on Tuesday evening, March 26th. Version 129 was released previously. Changes include:  


  1. Parts inventory can be exported
  2. Active staff can be reordered
  3. Close Job button disabled when services are not yet complete
  4. Bug fixes


#1 - Parts inventory can be exported

Staff may now export their parts inventory database to review net value and perform audits via spreadsheet.  Export data includes:

  • Shop-Ware's "Inventory ID"
  • Brand
  • Description
  • Part Number
  • List Price
  • Cost
  • Quantity On Hand
  • Min Stock
  • Max Stock
  • Location
  • Hazmat Rating
  • Misc Info
  • Part Terminology ID (where applicable)
  • GP Optimizer ON

To download, go to the Parts branch and view the "Export" button in the upper RH corner of the Inventory page.  Select "Entire Inventory Database" to kickoff the process:

Stay tuned for more inventory improvements in forthcoming releases.


#2 - Active staff can be reordered

Version 130 adds control for staff order on both the Workflow and Calendar View pages.  To edit, go to the Staff page and drag and drop staff members in the preferred order, top to bottom:

The order of the staff on the Current Staff table, top to bottom, determines the order of technicians columns, left to right, on the Workflow and Calendar View pages, and as advisors, top to bottom, on the Workflow page

#3 - Close Job button disabled when services are not yet complete

Staff have always been required to check off all services as complete in order to close a job.  However the requirement was not surfaced as a reminder until "Close Job" was attempted.  This UI improvement dims the "Close Job" button when outstanding services remain (not checked off as completed), as well as a reminder to mark all jobs as complete.

We will improve this workflow in subsequent releases to support technician, odometer out, and category speed of entry.


#4 - Bug fixes

The follow issues have also been resolved:

  • RO Job Log expanded to unlimited length
  • SpeedDial performance
  • My Jobs page counts
  • Honoring preferred Optimized Prices when parts come back from an eCommerce session

This concludes Release Notes for Version 129-130.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com