Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v132 on Tuesday evening, April 9th. Version 131 was released previously. Changes include:  


  1. Unfulfilled Recommendations export and API
  2. RO Services can be reordered
  3. Additional support for Categories
  4. Bug fixes


#1 - Unfulfilled Recommendations export and API

Pricing has been reinstated on the "Unfulfilled Recommendations" export (available for download from the Customers page).  You will now see the original price of work outstanding, to inspect lost sales by actual dollars.  

The export includes every unfulfilled recommendation.  If you wish to look at a certain date range, sort the spreadsheet by date and copy the rows in question. 

Likewise you can sort the data (across all or within a date range) by Advisor, to review quoting and sales performance.

A little more clarification on this data export:

An "unfulfilled recommendation" is any recommendation that has NOT been either:

  • approved and promoted to the repair order (sold)
  • deleted
  • marked as done

Every unfulfilled recommendation auto populates on subsequent estimate(s) as a so-called "Past Recommendation", until it's sold, deleted, or marked as done.  Once one of those things happens, it will no longer appear on future estimates for that vehicle, and it will no longer appear in the data export.

Besides showing the original prices, the spreadsheet only includes original "current" recommendations (not yet sold on the original RO or on subsequent ROs as a past recommendation).  It does not surface recurring recommendations that are unsold; each recommendation is discrete and only appears once, as it presented on the original RO.

Pricing of a past recommendation is subject to change, appropriately and for your convenience, based on your current parts pricing and labor rates, even across multiple shop locations.  Thus how a recommendation appears on future estimates may not match what is in this export.  Shop-Ware will always notify you when the price has changed, up or down.

This export never includes recommendations that are sold (current or past).  Only those that are still "unfulfilled".

This release also includes an enhancement to expose recommendations in our API.  CRM partners can grab this information to inform their follow ups to your clients, similar to the information included in the export.  (The API does not include pricing, since it is subject to change.)


#2 - RO Services can be reordered

You ask, Shop-Ware delivers!  You can now reorder services on any Estimate or Work Order.  In Edit Mode you will notice the conventional drag handle icon on the left hand side of a service title row.  Drag and drop services to put them in whatever order you wish.

If you have a lot of services and you wish to reorder them without the distraction of the expand/collapse action, you can collapse every service by clicking on the title row and then drag and drop them without the services re-expanding:

#3 - Additional support for Categories

v132 includes a few housekeeping features in support of Categories:

  • Canned Jobs can be assigned a category
  • Categories copy from Past Services
  • Categories persist in Past Recommendations

Stay tuned for final touches on Category assignment workflow in v133-134, with more detailed documentation.


#4 - Bug fixes

The follow issues have also been resolved:

  • Technician Report Export blank for MSOs
  • Newly created vendors fail to appear in picklist without a page refresh

This concludes Release Notes for Version 131-132.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com