Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v133 on Tuesday evening, April 16th. Changes include:  


  1. Close RO Modal
  2. Signup removed from Shop-Ware login page


#1 - Close RO Modal

Version 133 adds a new modal to improve the workflow upon RO close.  Rather than alerting that a technician needs to be selected (when missing) the modal allows you select (or review existing) technician assignment on the RO level, as well as a reminder to enter Odometer Out.  A button is included to copy the Odometer In value as a convenience:



When a job has been previously closed and then reopened, the Close RO modal will host a "Save and Proceed" button instead: 


After which any entries are saved onto the RO and the user is presented with the usual "reclose" workflow to pick the updated invoice date and time.

A forthcoming release will reveal service categories in this modal as well, for speed and review.  Stay tuned for a comprehensive walk through of updated category features.





#2 - Signup removed from Shop-Ware login page

Historically Shop-Ware has hosted its sign up page in connection with login and password retrieval pages.  Each of the three pages had relevance to the informed shop owner seeking new Shop Management software.  

Over the years Shop-Ware has learned that a shop's own customers and sometimes even its staff members get lost when navigating the application (typically by trying to enter a URL to which they don't have permission to view) and wind up on the sign up page accidentally.  Not understanding the context, they end up signing up for a new shop management account, creating even more confusion.

v133 finally removes this link from the sign in pages.   Customers (and staff) getting lost on the application will fall out of the self serve workflow sooner and get them back in touch with you (and not with Shop-Ware) even more quickly.





This concludes Release Notes for Version 133.  Stay tuned for more!!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com