Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v134 on Tuesday evening, April 23rd. Changes include:  


  1. Service Clocks available on staff profile
  2. Service Clocks can be edited


#1 - Service Clocks available on staff profile

Version 134 adds a new tab to staff profiles for "Service Clocks", the clock time logged by technicians on specific services.



The page hosts all clocks across a selected date range and the ability to change the date range, the same as the existing "Shift Clocks" page: 


Clocks are sorted oldest to newest (within the date range) to follow the activity across an entire day or multiple days.  It also includes a link to the RO on which the service time was clocked, for reference, which you can open in a new tab to review in context.

This page is available to all staff (same as Shift Clocks) but only those with permission to view Settings are able to edit these clocks (see #2 below).





#2 - Service clocks can be edited

This release surfaces Service Clocks on a new page and also allows staff with permission to edit these clocks. This is a help for folks that are paying off of open hours, and open hours are distored by a long running clock or other issue.

Those with permission will see a pencil icon on the right hand side of the row upon mouseover, and may click to expose fields to edit times.  You may not submit entries for negative time, but you can enter time that overlaps with other clocks.  

This is a new potential outcome and should be managed closely according to your shop rules.  (We did not disallow this due to different shop rules and also to remove pain wanting to edit one clock and then correct another clock later.)





This concludes Release Notes for Version 134.  Stay tuned for more!!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com