Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v135 on Tuesday evening, April 30th. Changes include:  


  1. Category Assignment - Final Steps
  2. Payroll enhancement
  3. Book Time Multiplier
  4. Billed Hours and Service Time added to Service Detail report
  5. eComm alert for PartsTech vendors


#1 - Category Assignment - Final Steps

Previous releases made incremental additions to category assignment and workflow.  Version 135 completes the staff entry interface requirements for Categories.  Reporting will follow.

For more information on the use of Categories, refer to the training guide How to use Categories.

Today's release includes:

  1. Assigning a Category when creating a Canned Job
  2. Categories can be required
  3. Review of Categories in the Close RO modal

i. Assigning a Category when creating a Canned Job

Previous releases included the ability to assign a category to an existing canned job, and that the canned job's category copied down to an applied service.  This release allows you to assign a category at the time a canned job is created.  In the create canned job modal, you will now see a selection for category:

The selection will also apply to the service on the RO, if it had not been selected.  If it had been selected already, that category will be pre-populated as the category selection for the canned job.  If the existing service category does not match the selection in the Create Canned Job workflow, the category selected for the canned job will not overwrite the category for the RO service.

ii. Categories can be required

Categories are managed at the Account level, in order to roll up across multiple shops (where applicable).  Thus the Categories tab appears in the Account Settings branch of the application.  When you visit the Categories tab, you will now see a checkbox to make categories required:

When categories are marked required, every service on every RO must have a selected category in order to close the job and proceed to an invoice.  

The means to review categories has been added to the Close Job modal to make this as easy as possible (see the next section iii.).

If a category is not required, users will still be given the opportunity to review the category assignments for every service prior to RO close.  Stay tuned for an optimized UX in the closed job workflow to allow folks to ignore category selections if they are not important to you.

iii. Review of Categories in the Close RO modal

Category selections will now be surfaced for each service on the RO in the Close Job modal.  Selections are not required unless categories are required for the account (see previous section):


This concludes the workflow for selecting categories on services on repair orders.  

For more information on the use of Categories, refer to the training guide How to use Categories.

#2 - Payroll enhancement

Version 135 adds two popular features to our Payroll module: shortcut to a staff member's time clocks from the payroll page, and the means for an admin to add a missing timeclock to a staff member's payroll.  

Note that we previously added the means to review and edit staff members Service Clocks (technician clock time on services) in the last release.  Refer to: v134 Release Notes


When you're on the Payroll page, those with permission to access settings will see a triple-dot menu to quick link to the timeclock page:

Once you're on the Shift Clocks page, you'll notice a new "+ New Clock" button:

Clicking will trigger a modal to enter in and out time through the traditional picker.  If you wish to edit time (not just date), click on the clock icon in the bottom of the picker to quick select time as well.

Once valid time in selected and the modal is submitted the new clock with add to the staff member's record.  If you are not viewing the same date range as the new clock, an alert will notify you.

#3 - Book Time Multiplier

You ask, Shop-Ware delivers!  Existing users as well as prospects have asked for the means to boost MOTOR labor guide times in order to make up for rust, age, or whatever your service mix requires.  

This is now available on the RO Info page.  Scroll down below Labor Rates to view the Book Time Multiplier area.

Default value is 1.0.  You may enter any value between 1 and 2.  

Once a value above 1.0 is made, the copy "Book Time Multiplier On" will appear in the MOTOR Estimator and Maintenance windows.  All labor values will be automatically multiplied by the coefficient entered in settings.


#4 - Billed Hours and Service Time added to Service Detail report

Billed Hours and technician "service clocks" (the time spent clocked onto specific services) has been aggregated and surfaced in the Service Details export.  You will notice two new columns in the export, "Billed Hours" and "Total Service Time":

The report does not currently calculate Efficiency for you (the values shown are calculated by the user).  If you wish to do this yourself, the instructions are:

Efficiency = [billed hours]/[service time]

If you need help learning how to make use of the data exports, contact Support@Shop-Ware.com .

#5 - eComm alert for PartsTech vendors

Previously invalid PartsTech credentials would crash all Shop-Ware eComm sessions, and worse yet, give the user no means of understanding the problem.  Due to the remarkable nature of PartsTech flexibility (multiple vendors per integrator in one session), Shop-Ware has boosted it's support for PartsTech and divorced invalid credential entry for certain vendor from others that are valid.   When a singular vendor has improper PartsTech credentials, they will receive an alert to review the credentials for that singular vendor within the existing webpage, and not interrupt other sessions.

This concludes Release Notes for Version 135.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com