Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v139 on Tuesday evening, May 28th. Versions 136-138 were released previously. Changes include:  


  1. Efficiency export now available for All Technicians
  2. Inventory can be filtered by Stock and Special Orders
  3. Inventory can be filtered by No Vendor
  4. Bug fixes


#1 - Efficiency export now available for All Technicians

You ask, Shop-Ware delivers!  When viewing the technician efficiency report, you will now see a selection at the top of the menu for "All Technicians":

The resulting export is sorted by technician and then by date:


#2 - Inventory can be filtered by Stock and Special Orders

Previously inventory parts could be filtered by "On Hand", to isolate what's on the shelf and manage it.  However users could not readily differentiate whether those parts were stocked parts, appropriate to keep, or special orders.  This release adds this much needed filter to inventory:

Filtering "On Hand" + "Special Orders" shows you all the parts that either need to get on a car ASAP, or can be returned.  

TIP: If you have a place you normally store special order parts, you can assign those parts to that location (say "Special Orders Shelf") and then weed out the ones that aren't actually special ordered... Rather parts that just never made it onto an RO and represent real dollars locked up in inventory.

Likewise you can filter by Stocked Parts to isolate, for example, the wiper blades you normally keep, across however many locations or vendors, regardless of current stocking level.  In that example, enter "wiper" into search and add the filter for "Stocked Parts".

The default selection (upon page load) is all parts, so no filter will be applied.

#3 - Inventory can be filtered by No Vendor

This release also adds the ability to filter inventory by "No Vendor", another user request:

This is a useful function when you're cleaning up migrated data or otherwise trying to surface a part lacking other proactive search/filter means.  

Stay tuned for more inventory control enhancements in upcoming releases!


#4 - Bug fixes

The follow issues have also been resolved:

  • Not all parts that are Short 3 displaying when filtered in inventory 
  • Scheduler slow to load
  • Newly created part cannot be assigned a vendor without page refresh
  • Newly created vendor not able to be assigned without page refresh
  • Inspection titles copied as added details into inspection notes

This concludes Release Notes for Version 136-139.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com