Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v140 on Tuesday evening, June 4th. Changes include:  


  1. Advisors receive an alert when a customer views a page
  2. Account owner can be changed
  3. Parts list price can be edited by markup or margin
  4. Inventory can be filtered by No Location


#1 - Advisors receive an alert when a customer views a page

If you are the advisor assigned to a repair order, when a customer views that repair order, you will now receive a notification that the customer visited the page:

The notification will clear once you open the repair order or dismiss the alert.  The alert will not dismiss otherwise, so you don't have to worry about missing a message when you are away from your desk.  If multiple customers visit work orders, the messages will stack up accordingly.

The alert does not appear on the repair order itself.  (There will be an enhancement on this shortly.)  For now you can monitor customer actions in realtime through the Job Log (as usual).


#2 - Account owner can be changed

Previous releases surfaced the staff member assigned as the Account Owner. By default this is the person who originally signed up for the account. With this release, that staff member can be changed.  If you are the existing Account Owner, you may assign a different Account Owner on the Account Info settings page:


Click the "Change Account Owner" button to launch the reassignment process:

Right now the Account Owner role is a superficial one; very soon we will be controlling permissions and adding greater security controls for this staff member.  

Check the Account Owner assigned on your Account Info page.  If this is not the staff person you wish, have them transfer ownership to the correct staff member, or contact us at Support@Shop-Ware.com to help you.

Stay tuned for more information about Account Ownership and security controls.


#3 - Parts list price can be edited by markup or margin

Another user request!  You can now edit a part's list price by its markup or margin, directly in the edit part modal (on the inventory page):


#4 - Inventory can be filtered by No Location

Last but not least, this features follows up our Inventory filter improvements by adding the means to filter by "No Location":

This is super helpful in conjunction with the new Stocking filter, to find parts that you want to keep but have not assigned a location, in order to manage them in inventory.

This concludes Release Notes for Version 140.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com