Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v142 on Tuesday evening, June 18th. Changes include:  


  1. Customer Payment Types can be configured
  2. Account Owner email address cannot be edited by others


#1 - Customer Payment Types can be configured

Previously the payments taken from customers could be one of four types: Credit Card, Cash, Check, or Other.  Version 142 allows these types to be configurable and of unlimited number.

To configure Customer Payment Types, go to the Accounting page in Shop Settings.  You will now see a corresponding section and table:


Cash and Check are default types and cannot be duplicated, named, or deleted.  Credit Card and Other can now be given names; new Credit Card and Other payment types can be added.  The common use case is to name four different Credit Card types Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and Discover, but you also create others, as well as capture specific Coupons (under Other), Vendor Warranty, etc.

Credit Card and Other types can also be deleted.  Rest assured that deleting a payment will simply remove it from the list of selections.  No payment records will be changed or affected.  The same applies if the name is edited to something else.

You may also drag and drop the types into your preferred order.  The order and names will determine what is displayed in the Payments box on the repair order:

When the payment is posted to the RO, the payment name will appear in the Grand Total box, in the same place payment records currently reside.  Likewise the payment name is captured in the Job Log:

These details are also passed to Accounting Link, to be mapped to your accounting configurations as you wish.

They are also passed to Quickbooks Online, and will map to your Payment Methods if the payment method in QBO is exactly matched.  Payment types that do not exactly match will come across into Undeposited Funds with no payment type assigned. 

To configure your payment types in Quickbooks Online, go to Settings (gear icon upper RH corner) and select "All Lists" under Lists:


Then select Payment Methods:

Then create "New" or edit your existing:

Until you get your settings matched, payments will come across, just without a defined payment.  This is true whether the payment type is Credit Card or Other.  That is, even if the payment type is "Credit Card" with some additional name, it will not come across in Quickbooks Online as Credit Card.  You will still need to map it.

The good news is the payment method selection process is a simple drop down, and you can also create new types directly from the menu as well:

#2 - Account Owner email address cannot be edited by others

The last release (see version 141 notes) included several security enhancements around the new Account Owner role.

This release includes one more change: the Account Owner's email address can only be edited by the Account Owner.  (This prohibits someone with access to settings changing the Account Owner's email to something else, to which they presumably have access, resetting the password, and then logging in as the Account Owner.)

The Account Owner can still edit their own email address, but any change will still trigger an email notification to the original email address that a change has been made.

Stay tuned for several more security enhancements in upcoming versions!

This concludes Release Notes for Version 142.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com