Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v143 on Tuesday evening, June 25th. Changes include:  


  1. Parts Purchases can be filtered by date range
  2. Parts Purchases page includes a subtotal
  3. Security Permissions


#1 - Parts Purchases can be filtered by date range

Version 143 includes the much anticipated addition of a date filter on the parts purchases page.  This allows you to quickly isolate the purchase records for a given period (say, last month) to review what's on your statement.

The date range when you land on the page defaults to "All Time".  Search a vendor name and apply a date range to isolate records for a given vendor:


#2 - Parts Purchases page includes a subtotal

Combined with search and date range tools, the parts purchases page now includes a subtotal dollar value for the results.  A subtotal does not appear when the page is first loaded... i.e. parts purchases of all time.

Note that the subtotal covers the entirety of the purchase records' value.  If you search for a part number, you will see a subtotal from all the purchase records that include that part, not the subtotal of the purchases of that specific part.

Stay tuned for individual part purchase history coming soon!

#3 - Security Permissions

Recent releases have promoted the role of Account Owner into the application interface, with special controls.  Version 143 introduces the first enhanced permission control for this user: which staff members may delete estimates.

On the bottom of a staff member's permissions page, you will now see a section titled "Security."

If you are the Account Owner, you will see the icon is unlocked, the text referencing your name, and the ability to check on and off very sensitive permissions.

If you are NOT the Account Owner (but you still have access to settings), you will see the icon is locked, the text referencing the Account Owner's name, and no means to change the select box settings:

Version 143 includes the first of these selections, to control deleting estimates.  Subsequent releases will cover additional controls:

This selection determines whether the staff member has the option to "Delete Job" from the RO page.  If they do not have permission, they will not see the selection at all:

This concludes Release Notes for Version 143.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com