Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v145 on Tuesday evening, July 9th. Changes include:  


  1. Vehicle can be searched from Customer Profile
  2. Vendor Payments can be configured and selected
  3. Additional Security Permissions
  4. Edit RO parts by markup or margin
  5. PartsTech store selection


#1 - Vehicle can be searched from Customer Profile

Version 145 adds a search for vehicles from an individual customer's profile, in order to find a specific vehicle out of a long and potentially paginated list.  This is a big win for fleet customers.

On any customer's profile, at the top right of the vehicles table, you will now see a search box:

You can search on the following parameters:

  • Vehicle Year (full string)
    • Example: "2012" = 2012
  • Vehicle Model (partial match from beginning of string)
    • Example: "for" = Ford
  • Vehicle Make (partial match from beginning of string)
    • Example "pri" = Prius
  • Plate (partial match from anywhere in string)
    • Example "123" = X123YZ
  • Fleet number (partial match from anywhere in string)
    • Example "12" = 412
  • VIN (partial match from beginning of string)
    • Example "JHMZE2H5" = JHMZE2H53CS005169

You can also search in combination, such as "2012 hon" to get a 2012 Honda, or "for 12" to get a Ford with fleet number 2212.  Minimum number of characters per parameter is two, as usual.

When you want to start an estimate for a vehicle, you can search the VIN, plate, or customer name from the global search, find the customer in the search results; click to view the profile for the customer and then isolate the vehicle via search on the customer profile page (with this new feature).

The ability to view a specific vehicle's history, and get to that vehicle directly from global search results, will follow in a future release.


#2 - Vendor payments can be configured and selected

Version 142 included the addition of "Customer Payment Types": the means to configure and edit the payments you take from customers (Accounts Receivable).

This release includes the vendor equivalent, or "Vendor Payment Types": the means to configure and edit the payments you make to vendors (Accounts Payable).

To configure Vendor Payment Types, go to the Accounting page in Shop Settings.  You will now see a corresponding area with a table:

NOTE: the copy includes detail about syncing payments to Accounting Link.  This is not currently enabled but will be shortly (ETA v146 or v147).

Like customer payments, Cash and Check are hard coded, cannot have names or be deleted.

All other types of payments can be configured as you wish.  Vendor payments include one additional option, "On Account".  You do not have to define each vendor account (such as "On Account - NAPA") but you can create different kinds of "On Account" payment types as needed.

The option to select these payment types now appears on Sublet Details and Purchase Orders:

Selections are saved to Sublet Details on the repair order, and on the Purchase Record, on the Purchases page:


These payment details will be pushed to Accounting Link in a subsequent release.  We will also add the information to the Sublet Details report, a forthcoming Payment Purchases export, and on the purchases page table.  Stay tuned for more!


#3 - Additional Security Permissions

Version 143 introduced Account Owner control for the permission to delete estimates.  This release includes the additional permissions to delete work orders or merge customers.

On the bottom of a staff member's permissions page, in the section titled "Security", you will now see these additional checkboxes.

If you are the Account Owner, you will see the icon is unlocked, the text referencing your name, and the ability to check on and off very sensitive permissions.

If you are NOT the Account Owner (but you still have access to settings), you will see the icon is locked, the text referencing the Account Owner's name, and no means to change the select box settings:


#4 - Edit RO parts by markup or margin

By popular demand!  Version 140 allowed you to edit a part's list price, in inventory, by its markup or margin.  You responded, "why not the repair order too?"

This release delivers on that feedback a month later, adding the same means to edit market or margin on any part on a repair order:

In this case you are editing the so-called "quoted" price, on the repair order, not the parts list price (in inventory).  

Keep the feedback coming!  Tell us what you need and you can watch it appear a future release!


#5 - PartsTech store selection

This release introduces the first of a series of features that deepen Shop-Ware's integration with our eCommerce partner PartsTech.

When you view a vendor edit modal, and you select the integrator "PartsTech", you'll have the means to confirm your integration credentials and select a store from your configurations on PartsTech.  This will streamline parts ordering and future results in app, in Shop-Ware's estimating workflow.

Store selection is not required, however, and will automatically clear if you edit your credentials.  There is no penalty or additional complication to use this feature, for new or existing users.

This concludes Release Notes for Version 145.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com