Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v148 on Tuesday evening, June 30th. Version 147 was released previously. Changes include:  


  1. Sublet providers are now Vendors
  2. Vendor Payment Type syncs to Accounting Link
  3. Purchase Records can be exported
  4. Print Style of pages
  5. Payroll report includes regular and OT calculations
  6. Customer export includes First Invoice date


#1 - Sublet providers are now Vendors

Previously Sublets were attributed to a "Provider", which was a freeform text field.  This was problematic when these names synced to accounting software, sometimes with different spellings, creating different, unintended payable accounts.

This release standardizes Sublets with parts, using the same Vendors list.  

Previously entered Sublet "providers" have been merged into Vendors, in the parts branch.  Those that were entered identically but with only capitalization differences have been merged.  However you may see "duplicates" that are actually spelled slightly differently.  You can remove these duplicates now (like you can remove any vendor), and changes will not affect historic assignments to previous sublets.

Selecting a vendor on the Sublet Details modal works identically to vendor selection in the edit parts modal and other familiar places:


#2 - Vendor Payment Type syncs to Accounting Link

Version 145 introduced "vendor payment types" for Parts purchases and Sublets.  This information now syncs to Accounting Link.  

If you assign one of the following payment types, it will sync to Accounting Link thus:

  • Cash --> Paid In/Out
  • Check --> Manual Check
  • Credit Card --> Credit Card


For example, if you have a Credit Card payment type entered with the name "Visa 1234" you will need to map that payment type to your chart of accounts via Accounting Link.

For more information or to help set this up, contact The Back Office at their support line 1-866-964-9699 or visit their website www.tbohelp.com

The following payment types do NOT sync to Accounting Link:

  • On Account
  • Other

Regardless of custom name entered.  These will appear as regular unpaid bills for you to manage as usual.  The same goes for any parts purchase or sublet that doesn't have any payment type entered.  

#3 - Purchase Records can be exported

This release adds the ability to export purchase records.  You will now see an "Export" button upon search results.  The export is itemized so you can drill into specific parts purchases in any date range, part number, or by any vendor:


#4 - Print Style of pages

Previously when you attempted to print a page, the nav bar and other styling artifacts would overlay the view and pollute the result.  These issues have been resolved.  You can now print any page and it will appear as it does in mobile view.  The Repair Order still needs you to use the "Print View" link (because the styling of the page is more complex).


#5 - Payroll report includes regular and OT calculations

Another popular request delivered: the payroll report now automatically calculates regular and overtime hours by calendar day.

When you visit the Payroll page, you will now see regular and OT columns, and their subtotals for the date range.  With the printing improvements also included in this release, you can easily save as a PDF and ship these to your bookkeeper if they do not have access to your Shop-Ware account.

Clocks across the same calendar day are summed and also collected between horizontal lines, for ease of reference:


#6 - Customer export includes First Invoice date

Finally we've also added a new column to the Customer Information export, for "First Invoice" date.  This allows you to sort, count, and batch your new customers by date range, as well as review their source, value, and return frequency.

This concludes Release Notes for Version 147-148.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com