Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v151 on Tuesday evening, August 20th. Versions 149-150 were released previously. Changes include:  


  1. Repair Order copies linked from the Job Log
  2. Canned Job workflow includes selection for All Cars
  3. Vehicle Service History page
  4. Message with customers live from the Notes Feed


#1 - Repair Order copies linked from the Job Log

Shop-Ware can email customers when an Estimate is pre-approved, an Estimate is started, an Invoice is shared, or a payment is taken.  The email includes a PDF copy of the repair order.  That PDF is now available as a link in the Job Log:

Once the email is dispatched the linked PDF will appear in the log and may be downloaded instantly for reference:


The file you download is the exact same file that was dispatched to the customer at the time listed in the log.  This you way can reference your documentation retroactively and permanently.  

However this also means the files are not necessary the current view of the job.  If you want a fresh invoice you may still want to use the "Print View" to make sure it is completely up to date.


#2 - Canned Job workflow includes selection for All Cars

By popular demand, when you can a job from a repair order you can now assign it to all cars!  (Previously you had to navigate to the edit page to update the assignments.) 


#3 - Vehicle Service History page

This release is the debut of another highly requested feature: a service history report by individual vehicle.  This is just the beginning of this feature, many additional aspects are on the way in upcoming releases.  

From the repair order, click the vehicle icon in the vehicle info box:

Select "View Service History" to navigate to the service history for that vehicle across one or many customers:

Currently the page includes RO#, Customer name, Invoice date, Odometer In, and service titles.  Much more coming soon!

This page is available to all staff, regardless of permission, because it does not include any edit functions or financial data.  Your technicians will be able to easily reference a vehicle's service record accordingly.


#4 - Message with customers live from the Notes Feed

Version 144 introduced realtime notes for staff.  This release adds the big win with live, realtime messaging with customers.

From the notes feed, when a customer posts a note, you will see it appear live.  Likewise, when you message them back, they will see it appear live.  Shop-Ware does not currently alert you when a customer is actively viewing an RO (but it is coming soon).  For now if you wish to present recommendations upon request, when you're talking on the phone, or you otherwise want to catch someone right after they've asked a question, you have a means to do so confidently without expecting the customer to refresh the webpage:

Stay tuned for lots more realtime enhancements (and other goodies!) in upcoming releases.

This concludes Release Notes for Version 149-151.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com