Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v152 on Wednesday evening, August 28th. Changes include:  


  1. Vehicle History includes service details
  2. Technician columns can be configured on calendar
  3. Appointments sync with RO Due In times
  4. Categories Sync to Accounting Link
  5. Phone Order added to Inventory page
  6. Notes/Log can be selected


#1 - Vehicle History includes service details

Version 151 introduced the vehicle history page.  This release adds service details to the page, for labor, parts, sublet, and haz/fees.  Stay tuned for continued enhancements coming soon.


This page is designed to be easily scanned, with a format a little different than the RO webpage or PDF.  It allows you to quickly review services across multiple visits and what specific parts they contained.

Note that this enhancement allows you to search service history as well, by using the browser’s native Find feature, with COMMAND+F.


This feature will be expanded to include part numbers and inspection items very shortly.


#2 - Technician columns can be configured on calendar

Previously any staff member assigned to the role Technician got a column on the Scheduler, and the column could not be disabled.  This release adds the means to configure which technicians are shown.  These settings are custom to each user (one staff can view certain columns, and another can view different ones) and the settings are remembered when you come back to the page.


#3 - Appointments sync with RO Due In times

Estimates create appointments when they are first assigned a Due In time.  Previous to this release, if you changed the Due In time, the appointment time would not update.  That problem has been remedied.  

Any time you change the Due In time, the associated appointment will update, so long as:


  • There is only one appointment associated with the repair order
  • The repair order is an ESTIMATE


It will not disturb the length of the appointment block (time).



#4 - Categories Sync to Accounting Link

Categories associated with repair order services are now sent to Accounting Link.  You can configure your accounting software to group financial performance by Category, to inspect and compare your profit centers.  For more information about Categories and how to configure Accounting Link, please contact The Back Office at their support line 1-866-964-9699 or visit their website www.tbohelp.com


#5 - Phone Order added to the Inventory Page

When you select one or many parts on the Inventory page, you can punch out to your eCommerce integrators for stock orders.  Prior to this release there was no workflow to record orders with those vendors that bypassed an eCommerce session.  This release solves the problem with the same function as the repair order workflow.  

When you click the Actions menu on the inventory page, you will now see an option for “Phone Order”.

(Vendors that do not have eCommerce integrators will also see this selection.  It works identically as selecting “New Order”.)


#6 - Notes/Log can be selected

Previously content presented in the Log and Notes trays could not be selected due to a touch/swipe function in the page styling.  Version 152 improves that function to support text selection (for copy/paste).  Hooray!  

Thank you for your patience and keep the feedback coming! 

This concludes Release Notes for Version 152.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com