Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v156 on Tuesday evening, October 1st.  Changes include:


  1. Technician columns can vary by color on the Scheduler
  2. Scheduler can be filtered by Label
  3. New transparency setting for RO Level Subtotals

#1 - Technician columns can vary by color on the Scheduler

When you go to the Calendar View on the Estimates branch, you will have the capability to assign a color to a technician. 

This will help to visualize ownership of appointments easily for the Day or the Week.

The User chooses the color for each Technician.  

These are not Shop or Account Settings; you get to pick the colors of the technicians for your own view; other staff may pick their own colors for each technician.

Click on the Technician's name at the top of the column to see the color options.  

Select a color to assign it to that Technician.  

Grey is the default color of the Unassigned column and cannot be changed.

#2 - Scheduler can be filtered by Label 

When you go to the Calendar View of the Estimates branch, you can use the "Filter by Label" to selection on the right-hand side of the scheduler pane.   This will filter the appointments with ROs with that Label.

ROs that do not have that Label will be indicated by gray.  

This allows you to easily highly the appointments with the label.

For example, a label of "Loaner" would allow you to see all the ROs flagged with a Loaner car.

Another example would be, a label of "New customer" would all you to see all the ROs flagged as New Customers.

Choose Label to Filter by

Filtered Results

#3 - New transparency settings for RO Level Subtotals

Some Shop Owners who are sensitive to disclosing itemized pricing have a third option to select from within 

Account Transparency Settings that allows the shop to show less pricing information to the customer on the Customer RO or Print View. 

Upon navigating to Account Settings, select Transparency tab, and find the Service Subtotals setting. The first listed option "No subtotals for Labor, Parts, Hazmat/Fee, or Sublets" will display limited pricing information in both the Service level and Grand Total level. Each Service will have its subtotal shown to the right of the Service title. You will find the RO totals at the bottom of the RO displayed as Grand Total, Labor & Parts Discounts (when applicable), Shop Supplies (when applicable), and Sales Tax. 


Account Settings

Customer RO

Comparison of Transparency Setting Options for Customer RO View

This concludes Release Notes for Version 156.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com