Lead developer Tyler Olmstead will release v159 on Tuesday evening, October 22nd.  Changes include:

  1. Dedicated Categories reporting page
  2. Improved PartsTech vendor mapping 
  3. Payment information added to our API
  4. Bug Fixes

#1 - Dedicated Categories reporting page

A new tab is on the Reports page with roll ups for Services by Category.  This is a culmination of features from previous releases, allowing you to batch your work into buckets with ease.  For those of you who have been diligently cataloguing your category mapping previously, this report will work retroactively in any date range.

The Total Sales of the Category/Service type is shown at the top of each tile. The Total Sales are broken out into components (Labor, Labor Costs, Parts, Parts Cost, Sublet, Sublet Costs, and Hazardous Waste and Fees).

If a Category is not assigned to a Service, the dollar amounts can be found in the last tile under "No Category".

More KPIs for GP% etc (same as Invoices page) coming fast in subsequent releases!

#2 - Improvement API Integration with PartsTech

Previously it was possible for PartsTech orders to return to Shop-Ware with different Vendor names.  This was due to outdated integration code (a reflection of the length of our partnership).  We're excited to roll out a bunch of improvements, including a solve to this problem.  PartsTech returns will now map to vendors according to store IDs, as assigned in the Vendor Edit modal.  New vendors returned from PartsTech will create new vendors and not resurrect old ones.

#3 - Payment information added to our API

Payment details are now exposed in our API.  This includes GET/POST.  Integrators, please refer to our API documentation: https://app.shop-ware.com/api/v1/docs 

#4 - Bug Fixes

  • The Parts Purchases page has search result speed improved.
  • Long running shop names for MSOs were causing flickering tooltips from the nav bar.  This has been fixed.

This concludes Release Notes for Version 159.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com