Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v166 on Wednesday evening, December 18th.  Updates include:

  1. New Calendar View by Month 
  2. Purchase History view by individual parts
  3. Allocation Tooltips available on the Inventory page
  4. PO# syncs to Accounting Link for Sublet A/P
  5. Email attachments can be configured

#1 - New Calendar View by Month

On the Calendar View, you will now see a selection for "Month" and a corresponding view.  Tooltips are supported from the magnifying glass icon (as usual) to inspect appointments on specific days.  If there are more appointments than can be shown, click "View more" to drill into the day the day to inspect from there.

#2 - Purchase History view by individual parts

Part purchase history is now available from the Inventory part edit modal.  Click on any line and note the new "Purchase History" tab (next to Quantities).  Click the tab to view associated purchase records, date and pricing.  Return orders appear in red:

#3 - Allocation Tooltips available on Inventory table

Recent versions added "allocation" details within an individual part's edit modal (same modal shown above), via the Quantities tab.  This information is very powerful, but it takes extra time to open the modal and click on the status you want to know more about.

This release adds the same tooltips directly to the inventory page, to review across all part search results.

Hover your mouse over the status to see the tooltip in place.  You can also link directly to the Repair Order:

#4 - PO# syncs to Accounting Link for Sublet A/P

Another bonus for Accounting Link users: Accounts Payable records from Sublets now include the source Repair Order number in the Accounting Link PO# object, to reference back within Shop-Ware.

If you need any help, contact Accounting Link on their support line 1-866-964-9699 or visit their website www.tbohelp.com 

#5 - Email attachments can be configured

You ask, Shop-Ware delivers!  Version 158 (October 15th) updated how RO file attachments appear in customer emails (estimate and invoice copies), as a link instead of a file.  This solved for customer email clients that restrict or otherwise reject emails with attachments, putting shops a risk of non-compliance.

For shops doing fleets or other accounts (insurance etc.) that require file attachments directly in the email, the opposite problem occurred.  In response to this feedback Shop-Ware now allows email attachments as a configuration on the Customer Profile page:

This concludes Release Notes for Version 166.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com