Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v168 on Wednesday evening, January 8th.  Updates include:

  1. List price can be ignored for parts assigned to a Group  
  2. Individual part Purchase History links to Purchase Records
  3. Bug fix: Triple dot menu appearing in Customer View

#1 - List Price can be ignored for parts assigned to a Group

A year ago Shop-Ware added an Optimized Price preference setting, to avoid unintended price inflation, often due to eCommerce integrator MSRP.  This setting appears on the Optimizer page, under Exceptions.

Tonight's release expands the setting options to parts assigned to Groups as well.  On the Optimizer page, you will now find a second setting to "Prefer Group Prices":

When the new setting checkbox is checked, parts assigned to groups will always sell at their Group price (fixed GP markup) even if their List price is higher.  Once again this protects against parts being inadvertently updated by an eCommerce MSRP.  It also guarantees that parts in the group always sell at an exact markup, if that is your pricing strategy.

#2 - Individual part Purchase History links to Purchase Records

Version 166 added a "Purchase History" tab to individual part edit modals.  This release links the Purchase Record invoice number to the source Purchase Record, to easily view the context of the purchase and other details:

You can navigate back to the edit modal and view another invoice by clicking the "Back to Purchase History" link in the lower left hand corner of the Purchase Record view.

#3 - Bug fix: Triple Dot icon appearing in Customer View

Version 167 introduced new triple dot menu icons for the Customer and Vehicle related actions, on an RO.  These icons were also appearing in the customer's view of the RO (though the menu selections were disabled).  This was confusing and inappropriate.  This version solves that problem and hides the menu icons completely.

This concludes Release Notes for Version 168.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com