Lead developer Tyler Olmstead released v179 on Thursday evening, March 26th.  Versions 176-178 were released previously.  Updates include:

  1. Signatures can be captured during credit card transactions - 360 Payments
  2. Parts can be swapped on Canned Jobs
  3. Parts search includes part notes
  4. Category Summary includes "No Category"
  5. Smarter VIN decodes
  6. Bug fixes

#1 - Signatures can be captured during credit card transactions - 360 Payments

You asked, Shop-Ware delivers!  Our 360 Payments integration now supports "wet" signature capture in all your integrated devices.

When you run a transaction, after the payment is confirmed the terminal will automatically prompt for a signature entry.  Upon submission, the transaction will updated on Shop-Ware automatically and post the signature image to the printable Invoice:

#2 - Parts can be swapped on Canned Jobs

When your parts' sourcing changes you can now bulk swap one part for another across all related canned jobs.  For example, you stop carrying the factory 12v battery that fits various Toyotas and you start selling an equivalent from Interstate.  Rather than having to find where that part appears on individual canned jobs, search and select the part you no longer wish to use, via the inventory page, and then select Actions --> Swap on Canned Jobs: 

The window will confirm how many Canned Jobs have the part currently in use.  From there you can select the replacement part and swap.  The modal will confirm the action is complete.

This is also a handy way just to see how many canned jobs are referencing a particular part:

#3 - Parts search includes part notes

Inventory parts include a Notes field to enter whatever extra information you like.  This field is now searchable on the inventory page and from the RO:

This is ideal to track supercessions and equivalencies: cross reference the old, new, or equivalent part in the other part's notes and you can retrieve both parts when searching.

The notes appear under the part Brand and Description (in grey, as shown above), which the primary part number appears in the P/N column in bold.

#4 - Category Summary includes "No Category"

Version 172 introduced a Category Summary pane on the Category Reports page for combinations and comparisons.  The summary did not allow a means to select services that did not have a category assigned.  This is now supported:

#5 - Smarter VIN decodes

VINs mistakenly keyed with the letter "o" or "i" will now have those characters automatically replaced with zeros and ones (for both lower and upper case).  This saves time having to check for typos after a VIN fails to be recognized.

Stay tuned for more vehicle entry improvements coming soon.

#6 - Bug Fixes

Issues with the following features have been corrected:

  • Sublet modal styling for mobile
  • Deleting vendors from smaller screens
  • Hazmats without a quantity break the Service History page
  • Technician sees repeated alerts to clock into a job
  • Category report styling
  • Unable to set an RO status back to "No Status"
  • Workflow page updates in realtime as technicians clock between ROs

This concludes Release Notes for Versions 176-179.  Enjoy!

Any additional questions please contact Support@Shop-Ware.com